a privately owned investment vehicle

Established to help the owners of Owner Managed Businesses find a way to exit their companies
with the best possible value for you as the seller and us as the acquirer.

We are primarily interested in acquiring good, profitable companies where the owners are simply ready to leave.

Looking For An Exit

We are primarily interested in acquiring good, profitable companies where the owners are simply ready to leave.

Ready for Retirement

You may be ready or overdue for retirement and can’t find a way or someone to pass the business onto.

Tired or Stressed

You might be worn out and tired with the stresses and strains of running a private company.

Urgent Changes

Or you may be facing a sudden and life changing event such as illness or bereavement and you’ve confronted the urgent need to sell.

Looking for Investment and Help?

In certain circumstances, you may be the owner of a business that is underperforming or not reaching its full potential.  You realise that you lack all of the skills and knowledge needed to be able to drive the business forward.  It might be lack of funding, or in most cases lack of management, structure and organisation. 

X1C Investments combines:

  • The expertise, adequate capital and financing, and the ability to close very quickly on the right opportunities.
  • We also have a team and supporting network of business improvement and growth experts with successful track records.


Leighton herdson

Leighton Herdson is a marketing and business growth consultant. He has worked in a number of sectors over the past ten years including recruitment, property, and marketing. Leighton founded X1C Investments Limited and as a private investor is looking to acquire or hold positions in both profitable companies looking for an exit strategy and equally distressed companies that want to find a solution and be able to walk away from the headache. 

Leighton has built a team of marketing, sales and business analysis experts that have proven methodologies and bet practices that allow for quick transitions and implementations for positive change.


Our own business activities centre on profitable digital marketing campaigns.

As a group, we are committed to generating quantum growth through acquisition and consolidation of companies engaged in digital growth.

Our business is run by experienced business owners and entrepreneurs who understand in depth what it takes to own and operate successful businesses and how hard it can be.
We are not “corporate executives” just crunching spreadsheets. We operate in, and understand, the world of the owner managed business. 

We are plain speaking but with sophisticated knowledge, understanding and experience of acquiring other owner managed businesses.

Above all else we are committed to ethical, win win deal making that provides elegant solutions to owners of small and medium sized businesses to exit your business with value, rather than just close the doors.

We are mainly interested in acquiring businesses operating in the following sectors:

  • PPC and digital advertising
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Web Design and Development
  • Graphic Design
  • Social Media Management
  • Digital PR
  • Video Production

We can help you, sometimes within days.

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